Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Demons In Disguise

Here is something a little different; in these podcasts Pastor Trevor Hammack looks at the Urban Legend of Black Eyed Kids (BEK's) from a Biblical perspective. This is not the kind of thing that I would normally post here, but I really like Pastor Hammack and I found this series fascinating. Enjoy.

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Trevor Hammacj said...

Thanks for posting the links! Kind of a strange story but the ending is even more strange:) The News in Focus Program allows me to cover topics that are a little off the beaten path sometimes :)

Chris said...

That is what I love about the News in Focus program. I listen to a lot of talk radio and even more podcasts, but there are very few people who takle every single issue they report from a Biblical perspective (I really liked the one you just did on Euthanasia).

And by the way, I am really enjoying your series on Leviticus.