Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Prayer (part 2)

Continuing with the theme I began in my last post let's look at some more of the prayers of Paul, this time in Philippians, Colossians and 2 Thessalonians. In Philippians chapter 1, as he is sitting in prison for preaching the gospel, Paul writes, "I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayers of joy in my every prayer for you all" (Philippians 1:3-4). Then in verses 9-11 he tells us specifically what it is that he prays, he prays:

1. That their love will:
A. Keep on growing in:
1. Knowledge
2. Every kind of discernment
As he prays this he says is is so they can determine what really matters, or what is really important, and be:
1. Pure
In the day of Christ.
Filled with the fruit of righteousness that:
1.Comes through Jesus Christ
2.Is to the glory and praise of God

Imagine what your prayer life, and your relationships, would be like if this were what you were praying for the people in your life.

In Colossians chapter one there is another of Paul's prayers recorded. In this prayer Paul prays:

1.That they may be filled with the knowledge of His (God's) will, in:
A. All Wisdom
B. Spiritual Understanding

So that they may walk:
1. Worthy of the Lord
2. Fully Pleasing to Him (God)
3. Bearing fruit for every good work
4. Growing in the knowledge of God

He also prays that they be strengthened:
1. With all power
2. According to God's glorious might
3. For all endurance
4. For Patience
5. With joy

Then Paul writes that he prays off of this with thanks to God because God has enabled all of us to share in the same inheritance. The next time you have a disagreement with someone, instead of getting mad try praying this prayer for them.

The last prayer I want to look at today is found in 2 Thessalonians chapter 3. Here Paul asks for prayer for himself and this is what he requests that the Thessalonians pray for him:

1. That the Lord's message (The Gospel):
A. Be spread rapidly
B. Be honored
2. They they (the messengers) be delivered from wicked and evil men

This is a relatively short list of requests, but I can't think of anything better to pray for our pastors, teachers, and the missionaries around the world.

So as you review these, and many more prayers recorded in the Bible don't look at them as just words written to fill up space; these prayers were recorded in God's word to teach us how to pray and give us examples of what we should be praying for each other. Now, set some time aside, get alone with God, and pray for someone. Print This Post

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