Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feed On God's Word

I have been thinking and praying a lot about where I should go with this blog and I have narrowed it down to four possibilities: 1. A study of the book of Mark; 2. A study of the Ten Commandments; 3. A study of the Attributes of God; 4. A study of the book of Revelation (a continuation of the seven churches series that we just completed). I am leaning most toward the book of Mark right now, but in reality what I may end up doing is a combination of all four of these with the study of Mark being the most prominent.

While I prepare to kick off that study you will probably see more posts of Grace Gems excerpts since: 1. I really like them, and 2. posting them gives me the opportunity to get ahead on some of the writing that I need to do.

Here is another excerpt from Arthur Pink on Bible study. This spoke to me in a personal way because as someone who really likes to dig into the meaning of Greek and Hebrew words and someone who a lot of the time approaches the Bible as a "study" I need to be aware of the dangers of my time in God's word becoming an intellectual pursuit instead of a time of communion with my Heavenly Father. As I read this I was reminded of just how prone to this temptation I am, and I pray that the Holy Spirit will use these words to remind you was well that when we open the Bible we are not just reading a piece of literature, but we are reading the very words of God.
"Desire the sincere milk of the Word--that you may grow thereby." 1 Peter 2:2

The Bible consists of a series of letters from the Heavenly Father, to His dear children. Then let us cherish them as such, and act accordingly. A few verses that are thoughtfully and prayerfully pondered, will advantage us far more than two or three whole chapters, merely skimmed through.

That against which we are protesting--is the God-dishonoring idea that His Word is merely a piece of literature, which may be "mastered" by a course of "study." We would warn against an undue occupation with the technical aspects of the Bible. God's blessed Word is not for dissection by the knife of cold intellectuality. It is not given for us to display our cleverness and "brilliance" upon--but to be bowed before in true humility. It is not designed for mental entertainment--but for the regulation of our daily lives!

Our motive when approaching the Word, should be to seek that which will subdue pride and bring us as supplicants to the footstool of Mercy--not to acquire that which will puff us up in our own conceit. Of what value is a knowledge of the original Hebrew and Greek--or a thorough acquaintance with the history, geography, and chronology of the Bible--if the heart is left cold and hard toward its Author!

I seriously doubt if God has called or requires us, merely to 'study' His Word. What we need to do, is FEED thereon. How much nourishment would your body derive from a study of the chemical properties of foods--or from seeking to ascertain the various sorts of soil in which they are grown--or the meaning of their Latin names? None whatever! And I am persuaded that much of the modern 'study of the Bible' is equally profitless spiritually!

By all means, "search the Scriptures daily" (Acts 17:11); slowly ponder each word in every verse. Pray constantly for the guidance and illumination of the Spirit, that He may open to you its Divine mysteries. Above all, beg God to write His Word more legibly and fully upon the tablets of your heart--that you may put the precepts into practice.

"Nourished up in the Words of Faith" (1 Timothy 4:6). God's Word is the only nutritive food for the soul! This is why the Holy Scriptures are given to us--that we may grow in love and reverence for them, and be more and more regulated by them. It is only by feeding on this Heavenly Manna, that strength is obtained for our pilgrim walk, for our warfare with sin and Satan, and for our service unto God and our fellows.
A.W. Pink
Take some time today to get alone with your heavenly Father and FEED on His word - that is from where true nourishment comes.
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Anonymous said...

Your concern is truly valid, brother. I'll pray for you.

Please continue to study and share what you've learned -- I've benefited much from what you've written, and I'm quite sure many others are blessed and edified too.

Soli deo Gloria!