Tuesday, July 7, 2009

20 Reasons Why Michael Jackson's Life & Death Matters:

Here is somethng I never thought I would be writing: a blog post about Michael Jackson.

My musical preferences tend to lean more toward the heavier side of music, so I was never really a fan of Michael Jackson or his music. I knew some of his songs, and at one point I even owned a copy of Thriller (due more to the fact that Eddie Van Halen played guitar on one track than it being a Michael Jackson album), but to say I was a fan would be stretching the truth.

But as I have watched over the past few days the total media saturation of the coverage of Michael's death it makes me sad to think that a life that was so blessed with talent could come to such a tragic end. That is why while I was searching Sermon Audio for something to listen to this morning the title of this sermon caught my eye.

In this sermon Craig Musselman gives us 20 reasons
Why Michael Jackson's Life & Death Matters.

Here are the 20 reasons he lists:

  1. It teaches us the dangerous power of idolatry
  2. It highlights the reality of 1 Peter 1:24-25
  3. In short, Michael Jackson was an example of a wasted life
  4. It reinforces that sobering reality of 1 Timothy6:7
  5. It teaches us that enormous wealth is poisonous to flesh
  6. It confirms the biblical truth that fallen man is given to self-destruction
  7. It demonstrates that life is a vacuum outside of Jesus Christ
  8. It reminds us that the LORD gives and the LORD takes away
  9. It reveals in vivid display the sad reality of man's depravity
  10. It reveals man at his greatest and his worse….a wicked wretch in both cases
  11. It's a great reminder that its been given unto men once to die and then judgment
  12. It reveals the insanity of a life lived for one's own glory and not God's
  13. The greatest of icon's are still sinners in need of a Savior
  14. It shows how gracious and giving God is towards sinners, and how thankless, greedy, and self-consuming man is
  15. It teaches us the vanity of popularity
  16. It proves Satan's promises always fail
  17. It teaches us how damning are the bright lights and golden promises of this world
  18. It reveals how much stock people put into what's of such little or no value
  19. It reminds us of how short life really is
  20. Because in the end – he's just another man –just like you…same disease… same Creator… same need…and will face the same Judge
These are things that each of us needs to think about in our own lives.

Here is the sermon:

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Mikes Sumondong said...

very well said. after all the hoorahs and cries, we're faced with this fact: no fame or money or anything can save us from death. It is only through Jesus Christ!

Chris said...

I was having a conversation with some friends at work today and we were discussing how many of the parables Jesus told had relevance in the circumstance of Michael Jackson's death. It was amazing how many we came up with in just a few minutes.

I think it is really sad that someone with that much talent ended the way he did. just think of how different his life could have been if he had lived for the glory of Christ instead of himself.